How to process superannuation batch payment in Xero

Process superannuation in Xero

Once you’ve received an SMS with an authorisation code to approve a super payment batch:

  1. Login to Xero.
  2. In Xero’s Payroll menu, select Superannuation and click on the add Super payment
  3. Select all payruns for all employees which were made in the relevant period
  4. Click submit for approval
  5. Then click on the batch which shows as ‘Pending Approval’
  6. Please click ‘Approve & Submit’
  7. Enter the authorisation code you received in the SMS.

Xero will list the payment batch as Approved, pending processing. The payment will then be direct debited from your bank account and appear on your bank statement as PayClear Services.

When an auto super batch is approved, the direct debit will typically be processed overnight on the next business day.

Once this debit has cleared, the payments will be sent to the super fund provider. It can take up to six business days between the debit being processed, and the payments being sent to the fund provider. However, this can vary depending on whether the information included in the batch is correct and meets SuperStream compliance requirements.

The timeline of the process once the payments have been transacted to the super fund provider is at their discretion. Once they have accepted the payment, the status of the batch will update to Processed.