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We have come across a new system which we think will highly benefit the efficiency of data recording in your business.  The system has lots of automatic data fetching which means more time for the things you would rather be doing while also sleeping soundly knowing your financial records are being kept up to date and in a secure system.

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1. Accept your Invitation

Please accept the invitation from Hubdoc which will have been sent to your email address

2. Download the Hubdoc app

Available for

Hubdoc app - Available on the App Store   Hubdoc app - Android app on Google Play

3. Upload physical receipts via your Hubdoc app

  1. Code to the correct account or set up rules through the setting so this is automatically done for you!
  2. If we are coding it for you no worries sit back and well figure it out for you

4. Have Invoices sent directly to Hubdoc

Have any invoices sent straight to your specialized hubdoc email instead for automatic data retrieval

  1. Your hubdoc email can be found under the setting tab
  2. Click on the organization tab
  3. Find you unique email ending in
  4. Advise any suppliers of your new “accounts” email for your invoice to be forwarded to.
  5. Now all invoices will automatically be uploaded into hubdoc and then pushed through to xero for you


  1. Create an automatic forwarding system in your email which forwards all emails received from suppliers to your custom hubdoc email.

5. Automate your recurring invoices

Do you use Telstra, Officeworks or Origin for your business? Allow hubdoc to pull invoices directly from your customer portals (they use bank-level encryption to secure your login credentials and only establish a READ ONLY connection for your safety)

  1. Check out the list of current companies who allow this automatic connection here
  2. Click the Settings tog located on the top right of the screen
  3. Go into manage accounts
  4. Search and connect any suppliers which apply to you

Although its seems like a lot to do now once you have completed these few simple tasks you will have hours of spare time to spend on growing your business, spending time with the kids or watching a cheeky episode or 10 on Netflix !